Saturday July 29, 1944, Capt. Glenn Miller and the Army Air Forces Band (Special) appeared at Eighth Air Force Headquarters, High Wycombe, code named “Pinetree” (AAF Station 101). The men performed for Eighth Air Force HQ staff at the “V-8” war bond rally, attended by Lt. Gen. James H. Doolittle and his senior staff, including Deputy Commander for Operations, Brig. Gen. Orvil A. Anderson, who was married to Glenn’s first cousin, Maude Miller Anderson. The Army Signal Corps filmed the event and recorded some of the sound. Gen. Doolittle and Gen. Anderson purchase war bonds in the film, which is preserved by the National Archives. It was at this event that Gen. Doolittle said to Capt. Miller in front of the audience that “Next to a letter from home, your band is the best moral builder in the ETO.” Pinetree was also the location of the Eighth Air Force operational command and communications center known as “The Mole’s Hole”, which Capt. Miller confidentially toured as Gen. Anderson’s guest. You can learn more about the July 29, 1944 event, Eighth Air Force HQ and the connections between Gen. Doolittle, Gen. Anderson and Capt. Miller in Glenn Miller Declassified by Dennis M. Spragg, now available from Potomac Books and University of Nebraska Press.