Flight Officer Stuart Morgan


F/O Stuart Morgan, front row, third fron right, kneeling, Honington, early 1944


Please allow me to share two cordial messages that I’ve received during the past several days from Jim Rowden, representing the members of the Morgan family in the United States and Canada regarding “Glenn Miller Declassified” and their cousin, Flight Officer John Robert Stuart Morgan. The family offered me their kind and complete help in understanding Stuart’s background in the preparation of the book and now wish to express their sincere appreciation after reading the book. In turn, I discovered and reported Stuart’s complete and true military service history, which was certainly distorted over the years. The restoration of Stuart’s reputation, flying credentials and real if tragic fate has brought peace of mind to his family. This is of great fulfilment and helps me to better comprehend the significance of uncovering, verifying and testifying to all the events and circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Major Glenn Miller. Learn more about Flight Officer Morgan and the events of December 15, 1944 in Glenn Miller Declassified.

Dennis M. Spragg
Glenn Miller Declassified



Group photo: 27th Air Transport Group, 320th Air Transport Wing, Honington, early 1944, R/O Stuart Morgan front row, kneeling, third from right (courtesy of Edward F. Polic for “Glenn Miller Declassified” by Potomac Books, University of Nebraska Press (c) 2017 Dennis M. Spragg)