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Glenn Miller Declassified is making news. Among the details in the book continuing to draw attention is the RAF Lancaster bomb-jettison claim. Glenn Miller Declassified presents American and British military documents from the AAF, RAF and SHAEF archives that demonstrate beyond any doubt that aircraft from RAF Bomber Command No. 3 Group did not accidentally hit the C-64 aircraft carrying Glenn Miller as a passenger on December 15, 1944, including the SHAEF-required winter time standard for all allied land, sea and air forces, British Summer Time, or GMT+1. All of the RAF bomb jettisons on that day occurred between 13:04 and 13:21 BST. Miller’s plane left RAF Twinwood at 13:55 BST. The documented evidence includes the route flown by transport aircraft from England to France – including the C-64 with Miller aboard. On December 15, 1944, spotter Richard Anderton logged a sighting of a C-64 that is consistent with the other documented evidence of the route. Here are links to recent articles:

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