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ISBN: 978-1612348957
ISBN: 1612348955
ISBN: 978-1541415690

Praise For Glenn Miller Declassified


“With great dedication Dennis Spragg has extensively researched the stories that have long circulated about the disappearance of our father’s plane during World War II. Finally, there is resolution to this long-standing mystery.”

—Jonnie Miller Hoffman, daughter and surviving heir of Glenn Miller

“Dennis Spragg not only brings Miller’s entire professional life and career into sharp focus; he artfully weaves together strands of military, aviation, political, and cultural history to produce what is sure to be the definitive biography of this dedicated patriot and gifted entertainer. Glenn Miller Declassified is a richly researched and wonderfully crafted work.”

—Dr. Mark J. Conversino, Col. USAF (Ret.), deputy commandant and professor of strategy and security studies at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Air University, Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Alabama

“An excellent historical detective story that brings to life that small period of time that changed the course of the music world and once and forever lays to rest all the silly theories.”

—Edward F. Polic, author of the definitive Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band discography, “Sustineo Alas / I Sustain the Wings”

"Glenn Miller Declassified is a remarkable feat of historical investigation, technical analysis, and cultural retrospective. Meticulously researched, the author provides the most compelling argument yet of what happened to one of America’s most influential musical figures."

- Dr. Matthew Hurley, Col., USAF (Ret.), former HQ-USAF division chief, ISR Doctrine and Policy

"I only wish my mother and her mom could, in their lifetimes, have had the comfort that your well-documented book could bring them."

- Glenn Miller Wolfe, nephew of Glenn Miller, son of Irene Miller Wolfe and grandson of Mattie Lou Miller

"Readers who enjoy true-crime and mystery media—whether Netflix's "Making a Murderer," public radio's "Serial" or history-mysteries of any kind—will find plenty to keep the pages turning."

- Clay Evans, Boulder Daily Camera

"Spragg has crafted a book that will appeal and benefit an eclectic group of readers, including those with interests in World War II, big band and swing music, unsolved mysteries, and of course, Glenn Miller himself."

-  Frederick A. Baillergeon, Military Review

Publisher: Potomac Books - University of Nebraska Press