The AAFTC Orchestra “Brain Trust” October 1943 (L to R) Maj. Francis Healy, Sgt. George Voutsas, Capt. Glenn Miller, Lt. Don Briggs and Pvt. Jerry Gray






“U. S. Army Military Review”

“Dennis Spragg has crafted a book that will appeal and benefit an eclectic group of readers, including those with interests in World War II, big band and swing music, unsolved mysteries, and of course, Glenn Miller himself. Each of these groups will find a volume that is superbly written, exhaustively researched and one which grips the reader throughout. They will also find that Spragg has developed the definitive study of the events of 15 December 1944.” – Frederick A. Baillergeon. To read the complete review, please go to the following link: Military Review – Glenn Miller Declassified 

“Boulder Daily Camera”

“Glenn Miller Declassified” is lovingly obsessive about solving a mystery that has spawned all manner of wild stories, and it is full of tables and footnotes and tiny, fascinating details. But you don’t have to be a Miller aficionado or World War II buff to enjoy it. Readers who enjoy true-crime and mystery media — whether Netflix’s “Making a Murderer,” public radio’s “Serial” or history-mysteries of any kind — will find plenty to keep the pages turning.” – Clay Evans. To read the complete review , please go to the following link: Glenn Miller Book Seeks To Solve Mystery of Musician’s Disappearance 

“Swing and Beyond”

“The author is to be commended for undertaking and pursuing to completion exhaustive, scrupulous, and critically tested research to support the statements and conclusions contained in his book. This is a scholarly work that will correct a historical record that has all too often been strewn with and distorted by unverified anecdotes and oral ‘histories’  … By the time the secret investigation of Miller’s disappearance was completed by the Air Force on January 24, 1945, and then quietly filed away, rumors and misinformation began to fill the information vacuum … Mr. Spragg’s fine book has finally set the historical record straight … I recommend this book without reservation to anyone who has an interest in Glenn Miller.” – Michael Zirpolo. To read the complete review, please go to the following link: Swing and Beyond: Glenn Miller Declassified 


“This book is extremely well written, and lays the story out in such a way that it makes total logical sense – it is the definitive book about Glenn Miller – fantastic … a great read … and fun.” – Kevin Tolman. To see the complete review posted online, please go to the following link:  Glenn Miller Declassified You Tube  



“Net Galley”

“As a fan of Glenn Miller’s music, I found this book really interesting … It interested me to read what Major Miller’s military service was exactly, apart from the music.  Not once was I bored, the writing was very easy to keep me reading. Dennis Spragg has written a very detailed account, his research is excellent and he even touches on the conspiracy theories of what really happened on December 15th 1944. A thorough, and for me, an engrossing book about one of the most loved bandleaders. I recommend this highly.” – Angela H., reviewer (5 of 5 stars) (Strongly recommend)
“I was thrilled to be able to review this outstanding biography of Glenn Miller, world-famous musician and bandleader … (He) was an outstanding musician who made a huge sacrifice of his career for the good of the country and to entertain the armed forces … I definitely recommend this interesting biography of a man who loved his country and treated everyone to some of the most fun, snappy, music ever! – Donna B., educator (5 of 5 stars) (Strongly recommend)


“This is a necessary work … it puts to rest years of rumor, falsehoods, and damaging gossip about the fate of “America’s Number 1 Bandleader.” Methodically, painstakingly, with thoroughness shared by others I respect in the circle of historians chronicling the Swing Era and its participants, Mr. Spragg has shown us the “big picture” of Glenn Miller’s military life. He’s given us context and brought forth sometimes startling perspectives on the participants in this story … and here, at last, we have the facts. Incredibly researched … Does not disappoint a Glenn Miller Fan.” – David Jessup, verified purchase reader (5 of 5 stars)
“Excellent, well written … Particularly enjoyed reading of the ins and outs of setting up broadcasts and dealing with the BBC. Having been a Glenn Miller “addict” for over 60 years, much of the information in GMD was new to me.” – Jim Buffington, verified purchase reader (5 of 5 stars)
“This newest issue, within the author Dennis M. Spragg tries to fill in the gap why Alton Glenn Miller, the begifted entertainer, musician, bandleader and a really US patriot suddently had been disappeared on December 15, 1944 … Everyone who likes the remarkable music of Glenn Miller, (me too!) have to read this book.” – J. P. M. Smit, verified purchase reader (5 of 5 stars)


“Over the decades, many theories have been espoused over just what DID happen to Glenn Miller … (Dennis) Spragg has presented facts, claims and counter-claims in a logical way, and has added factual footnotes showing exactly what documentation exists and where it resides … A quick glance at the contents summary hints at the excellence of this thoroughly-researched and scholarly work … No true collector of Glenn Miller’s music should be without this book.” – clouded yellow, verified purchaser (5 of 5 stars)

“Thoroughly written by someone who obviously previously knew the gist of his subject before he started, his research must have taken him hours and hours, at one time I thought I would be dead before the book was completed. Pleased to say I managed to hang on and you are assured the wait was worthwhile. As a G.M.buff, I for one always believed the Norseman went down in the Channel, the other rumours to me were only red herrings. The great pity was that this book should have been written and published 60 years ago” – Alan Smith, verified purchaser (5 of 5 stars)


“Congratulations on a job well done. You have clearly met the brief you were given to resolve what happened to Glenn Miller. I found the book engrossing, so much so, that when I was reading your detailed account of Glenn’s last flight, I still felt shock when the narrative reached the point of the final catastrophe, although I obviously knew what was to happen.” – Richard Miles

“The case is well presented, the evidence is relevant and sound. The impossible is–by virtue of thorough take-no-prisoners research–removed from serious consideration. Excelsior!” – David Fletcher