Star Spangled Radio Hour

Announcer Don Wilson and Glenn Miller, CBS Hollywood, 1942


Inspired by the book “Star Spangled Radio” by Ed Kirby and Jack Harris that honored the radio broadcasting achievements of the Armed Forces during World War II, Dennis joins Rick Crandall of KEZW, Cruisin’ 1430, Denver, for a widely acclaimed weekly presentation of original popular music and jazz broadcasts from the premier Glenn Miller Archive collections, using the finest audio quality available.  Dennis shares interesting and historic insights about a very special era in American musical history and the series has become arguably the most entertaining big band program available in the world. Streaming audio of the current and archived episodes of the “Star Spangled Radio Hour” can be found here:

KEZW Star Spangled Radio Hour


Rick Crandall, Dennis and Steve Miller on the air at the CU Heritage Center

Summaries off the programs and artists featured in the SSRH series can be found here:

SSRH Programs SSRH Artists


Col. David Sarnoff and Col. Ed Kirby, SHAEF, 1944